House Calls

When your child isn’t feeling well, we understand that nothing is more important than getting them the fast, compassionate, and expert care they need from a qualified pediatrician. When bringing your child to our Hobart, IN, practice just isn’t an option, whether your child is just too sick or bringing them to our office leaves you dealing with a tantrum, ask our team about scheduling a house call.

Making Pediatric Care More Accessible

Imagine not having to keep your child occupied while in the waiting room. No more moving your schedule around or rushing your child out of school to make sure you make it to their appointment in time. No more sitters. No more tantrums. No more having to drag your sick child from their bed. Dr. Connery and the team at Brickyard Pediatrics make it easier than ever before for kids to get the care they need without leaving the house.

When to Consider House Calls

House calls can certainly make pediatric care easier for your family, but sometimes it is necessary to bring your child into the office. The most common reasons people turn to our team for house calls include:

  • Children who are afraid to go to the doctor’s office
  • Children with chronic health problems and compromised immune systems
  • Children who have a phobia of needles
  • Children with mild illnesses and injuries (e.g. fever; stomach issues; diarrhea)

Avoid urgent care clinics and emergency rooms that don’t know your child’s health and medical history firsthand. By turning to our team, your child will receive custom, thoughtful and understanding care from a pediatrician you know and trust.

The Benefits of Pediatric House Calls

Maybe you never thought about making a house call to your child’s pediatrician before, but maybe it’s time you did. There are many benefits of turning to Dr. Connery for at-home care. Here are just some of those benefits:

Cleanliness: By getting care at home rather than in a practice, we can reduce the spread of infections and germs.
Convenient: Schedule an appointment when it works for you. It’s that simple.
Comfortable: Nothing is more comfortable than your own home, and now your child can get the care they need from a safe space that they know.
Comprehensive: Dr. Connery prides himself on providing patients with ample time so they never feel rushed. This also means better quality and more in-depth care for your child.

If you are looking for board-certified pediatric care that comes right to your doorstep in Hobart, IN, then call Brickyard Pediatrics today at (219) 940-9605 to schedule a house call with our pediatrician Dr. Connery.

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