Annual Physicals

Most schools require that children see their pediatrician for an annual sports physical before they can even participate in sports. While some parents may find this to be overkill, it’s important that your child’s health is checked regularly to make sure that they are healthy enough for their chosen sport. Find out why all children should get an annual physical from our Hobart, IN, pediatrician Dr. Marc Connery.

What is an Annual Physical?

Your child is growing by leaps and bounds, so it’s no surprise that a lot can change quickly. This is why it’s important that you are bringing your child in for regular checkups. After all, this allows our pediatrician to be able to monitor and track your child’s health and development to pinpoint issues right away so they can be treated.

Why Are Annual Physicals Necessary for Children?

While requirements for school physicals vary by school and state, making sure your child gets this yearly physical exam will safeguard them against serious health issues, as well as protect classmates and others in the community. Furthermore, our goal is to make sure that your child is in the best shape possible before they begin physical activity.

There are certain conditions or prior injuries that could negatively impact their health and physical performance and it’s important to understand these limitations and put the proper habits and practices in place before issues get worse. For example, children with asthma will need to have their symptoms under control, as exercise could trigger an asthma attack. By providing your child with the proper inhaler and medication upfront, we can prevent a serious and potentially life-threatening attack while on the field.

What Goes into An Annual Physical?

A school physical is a pretty straightforward visit. You will provide your child’s detailed medical history, which should include hospitalizations, health conditions, past injuries and current medications they are taking. We will also sit down with you and ask questions about their diet, lifestyle, and habits.

The main component of this visit is to perform a thorough physical exam that will check:

  • Weight and height
  • Vital signs (e.g. heart rate; blood pressure)
  • Eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Reflexes
  • Muscle coordination, posture, strength, and balance
  • Cardiovascular system

If you’ve been putting off your child’s annual physical, it’s important not to ignore it anymore. Schedule your child’s next physical with Dr. Connery and the team at Brickyard Pediatrics in Hobart, IN, by calling (219) 940-9605 today.

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