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How Annual Exams Protect Your Child’s Health

Is it time for your son or daughter's annual exam or sports exam? There's no need to wait hours at a walk-in clinic when you can schedule a convenient appointment with Hobart, IN, pediatrician, Dr. Marc Connery of BYP Kids.

How annual exams protect your child's health

Annual exams safeguard your child's health by:

  • Detecting Health Problems: In the earliest stages, many health conditions only have subtle symptoms that can be easy to overlook. Visiting the doctor every year makes it easier to spot signs and symptoms of diseases, conditions and illnesses and provide treatments.
  • Monitoring Chronic Conditions: Annual exams are particularly important if your child has a chronic health condition, like diabetes, high blood pressure, cystic fibrosis, asthma, allergies, autism spectrum disorder, sickle cell disease or kidney disease.
  • Tracking Growth and Development: Early interventions and treatments are essential if your child should ever develop a growth or development issue.
  • Protecting Your Child from Disease: Your child's annual exam with your Hobart, IN, pediatrician may also include vaccinations that protect him or her from illnesses ranging from the flu to meningitis.

Why sports exams are so important

Sports exams ensure that your child is healthy enough to participate in sports. In addition to recording your child's weight and height and measuring vital signs, the pediatrician will also:

  • Evaluate the stability and function of the joints
  • Examine the eyes, ears, nose, throat and abdomen
  • Listen to your child's heart and lungs
  • Review your child's medical history and medications

If your child has a chronic condition, his or her doctor can offer advice or recommend modifications that will help your child play safely. For example, a child who has asthma may find it easier to breathe if he or she uses an inhaler just before games or practices.

During the exam, the doctor will also take a look at previous injuries and make sure that they've healed completely. In most cases, children are cleared to play sports after the exam. In some cases, a child may need to wait to play until a condition is under control or an injury is healed.

Ready to schedule your child's exam? Call your pediatrician in Hobart, IN, Dr. Marc Connery of BYP Kids, at (219) 940-9605 to schedule an appointment.

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